1. Bill Graff

    Hope to see everyone at the June All Chapters meeting

  2. Gail Stolzenburg

    I will be attending.

  3. Dawn smith

    I will be attending meeting possibly with a guest

  4. Susan Salman

    RSVP , Susan Salman

  5. Angie Galatas


  6. Mikey Newton

    I’ll be there!

  7. Richard McRory

    I will be there

  8. beverly baxter

    The QR code would not allow me to pre-register. But I will be in attendance for June 26th at Belmont Village Hunters Creek. Thank you for the invite

  9. Luis Andujar

    RSVP for 06/26

  10. Dawn Bloomer

    Will be there!

  11. Russell Klein

    Russell and Marine attending

  12. Carmen Donaldson

    I’ll be there

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