Everyone should be on alert for credit card skimmers

The most common ones occur on the card readers at gas stations and ATM machines.  Thieves place them on or above the card readers to copy and steal your credit card information. This scam has spread from bigger cities into rural areas, so we should all be on alert for these devices.

How to protect yourself

  • One of the best ways is to pay inside, the scammers are getting better at hiding the skimming machines that sit on top of the machines

ATMs at banks are typically more secure and better maintained. Non-bank locations account for most ATM compromises

  • Choose the pump closest to the building or outside attendant
  • Avoid using a debit card, or run it as a credit card so you don’t have to enter your PIN
  • Set up alerts to see if your debit or credit cards are used for a 'card not present' transactions of $100 or more
  • Check your statement often, especially if you use high traffic airports and stores
  • Avoid the PIN pad, instead use the chip or the Apple Pay–type payment system. It's safer than swiping your credit card
  • Purchase gas-station gift cards. There’s no personal information connected to them, and since they have a limited value, your potential losses would be minimal
  • Use gas apps, which offer a safer way to pay at the pump
Scam Alert

If you want more information about this type of scam, you can go to the AARP website https://www.aarp.org/money/scams-fraud/info-2016/atm-skimmer-scams-to-dodge.html

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