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As individuals age, some ordinary tasks become more challenging and may require home renovations to allow seniors to age in place rather than move to an assisted living or nursing home facility. Depending on each individual’s unique circumstances, these changes can start early and be a slow progression or may require a faster, more comprehensive remodel. Whether it is for a senior’s home or a space in your own home where a senior will soon live, making a few simple home renovations may help keep your loved ones safe and more comfortable.

Common Home Renovations Needed For Seniors Aging In Place

Home renovations for seniors can run the gamut from basic upgrades to complete overhauls of indoor and outdoor spaces as needed. Each individual’s specific needs will likely dictate the types of necessary changes.

Some of the most common home renovations made for seniors can include:

Adjustments of kitchen counter tops

This may be needed for an individual who is restricted to a wheelchair so they can more easily navigate the height of the kitchen.


Especially when using a walker or wheelchair, doors and the direction they swing can make navigation difficult. A home renovation company can change the doors to swing outward rather than inward for better accessibility.

Doorknob modifications

The rounded shape of many doorknobs can make them difficult to grip for seniors with arthritis and similar conditions. A senior home renovation might include switching to doorknobs that work like a lever for better gripping capabilities.

Flooring replacement

Homes with slick floor surfaces such as stone, may need to be renovated to incorporate a less slippery surface similar to linoleum or vinyl to increase an individual’s stability as they move throughout their living space.

Lowering power outlets, light switches, and storage areas

For seniors confined to a wheelchair, power outlets, light switches, and storage areas can be hard to reach. By lowering the level of each, they become more user friendly and height appropriate.

New bath or shower installations

Depending on the circumstances, some seniors dealing with health challenges may require a newly designed bath or shower to better meet their needs and ensure their safety. This type of renovation typically includes installing handrails for toileting, shower benches, grip bars, and improving overall access to the bathroom.

Wheelchair ramps

Another common renovation for seniors is adding a wheelchair ramp. Whether changing steps into a wheelchair ramp or simply making the ramp an addition, the renovation allows improved home access.

Widening of doorways

Once a wheelchair ramp is in place, the next hurdle is the doorway. Many houses have doorways that can be a tight squeeze for those with walkers and do not typically accommodate an average sized wheelchair. A home renovator can widen the doorways of a home to allow better access for those using walkers and wheelchairs.

Top 5 Benefits Of Having Home Renovations And Improvements For Seniors

Depending on the senior’s specific needs, home renovations and improvements may make the difference in them being able to age in place. The top five benefits to seniors when it comes to having home renovations performed are:

Maintaining Independence

Certain home improvements can be made to facilitate daily tasks and navigation for seniors that might not otherwise be able to stay in their home.

Staying comfortable

For seniors that are already losing their independence, losing the comfort of being in their own space can be incredibly significant. Home renovations that meet a senior’s needs should allow them to remain in the comfort of their own home while still maintaining a reasonable level of safety.

Keeping their social circle

Whether it is neighbors that a senior sees each day or a friend that lives only a block or two over, staying in a house that undergoes home renovations can allow seniors to keep their same social circle intact rather than moving them away from people they know and love.

Staying cost efficient

Making small or even large changes to accommodate a senior’s needs may be more cost effective than living in an assisted living center or nursing home long term.

Appeasing loved ones

Knowing that there are proper upgrades in place that help keep their senior safe can give loved ones valuable peace of mind and seniors their independence.

Go Through A Senior Service To Find A Home Renovator

Finding the right company for remodeling is absolutely key to the home renovating experience. When looking for a company to help seniors with a home renovation, it is recommended to look for a business with the following attributes:

  • A portfolio of past home renovations for seniors
  • Work staff including a designer and interior decorator
  • Credible references
  • A warranty provision for remodeling contracts
  • Company insurance
  • Leadership that is an authority on senior living home improvements
  • Certified provider that is professionally recognized as an Aging In Place Specialist
  • Membership in the National Association of Homebuilders

By working with a business that already has these things in place, seniors can feel more peace of mind about the company they are working with, the job being done, and the safety measures being implemented.

If you or your loved one requires a consultation to discuss if home renovations are the right choice, reach out to Senior Estate Concierge today.