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Why should seniors and their families consider professional movers?

Seniors move for a variety of reasons and working with a professional mover can make the process faster and safer. Whether downsizing, moving in with family or to a senior community, a professional mover can fit their services to their senior clients’ needs. For example, an experienced mover can do the following:

  • Load, unload and transport household items
  • Pack and unpack some or all boxes
  • Provide additional manpower and equipment for challenging moves
  • Disassemble and reassemble furniture and other items
  • Provide storage when needed
  • Work with senior move managers and family members to coordinate the move
  • Provide a transparent, detailed estimate for easy review
  • Perform local, intrastate, interstate and international moves

A professional mover customizes their services to the client, so seniors can move in a way that is physically and emotionally comfortable. For instance, if you would prefer to pack your most precious belongings in a few boxes, but leave everything else to the movers, that is an option.

What should seniors look for in professional movers?

There are some movers with special experience working with seniors. Those movers may be partnered with other senior services, as they are an ideal first choice for seniors and their families. Beyond this practical experience, look for the following in a professional mover:

A proven track record

The moving industry is extremely competitive, so it’s difficult for a moving company to stick around unless they are doing their job right. A reputable professional can also provide testimonials or references, so prospective clients can confirm the quality of service.

A local or regional presence

Local or regional moving companies may not have the scope of a national moving firm, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Local and regional movers rely on their community to keep business going, which incentivizes the mover to do their job well and maintain their reputation.


Insurance is a must when working with a professional mover. Insurance protects your belongings and you in the event of damage or an accident. If one of the mover’s employees is injured while on your property, you could be held liable if the mover is not insured. Given the stakes involved, a professional mover should have proof of insurance at the ready for their clients to verify.

Extra resources, including storage facilities

Sometimes, even professional movers can’t fit everything into the new home, and that’s when storage comes in handy. Having such a fallback offers peace of mind, especially if you are downsizing to a new place. Ideally, the professional you pick will also have additional equipment and manpower at the ready, should the move prove to be a bit more difficult than expected.

Open communication

Long distance and international moves can take weeks to execute, but even local and intrastate moves require responsive communication. You’ll need to know when the movers are arriving, where they are in transit and when to expect them at your new place. If a professional mover maintains a line of communication from the beginning, that’s a good sign.

A transparent estimate

Some movers provide an estimate over the phone or through e-mail, but it is highly recommended that the estimate be done in person at the property. There is no other way for the moving service to get a full picture of what to expect on moving day, so an in-home estimate is critical in getting an accurate estimate. When you do have the estimate in hand, it should be easy to understand, with fees clearly marked and tabulated.

Can professional movers help with long distance or international moves?

A local or regional mover may not have a global presence, but many do have a global reach. The logistics and procedures involved with long range moves are more complex, but local movers with the right experience can handle the job.

An international move, especially one overseas, involves air or sea travel. That means you may need to pack your belongings in special containers and under additional conditions. A professional mover can guide you through the process to ensure nothing is damaged in transit or held up in customs.

How can working with a senior move manager help during the process?

Senior move managers work with their senior clients long before the moving process truly begins. Before the truck arrives, a move manager can help their clients with the following:

  • Ensuring everything is shipped or stored properly.
  • Downsizing, including organizing estate sales, auctions, donations and other means of profitable item removal.
  • Organizing and packing.
  • Meeting with prospective moving companies and interviewing them for fit.
  • Establishing the new home, including unpacking and arranging furniture.
  • Other related services, like shopping, cleaning and assistance with hiring other professionals.

Senior move managers are dedicated to the senior community, so they know how to ensure the move is seamless and confusion-free.

Professional moving companies, and especially those with senior moving experience, can take a daunting relocation process and make it manageable. That way, seniors can focus their energy on the important things, like settling into a new way of life or connecting with family.