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Do professional organizers work with seniors?

Whether downsizing, moving in with family or transitioning to a new community, seniors are among the people that professional organizers can help. Professionals that specialize in organization can work in a variety of settings and achieve the objectives in their client’s minds.

According to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), the typical person spends nearly 9,000 hours (or more than a year) of our lives looking for lost items. Removing clutter can also remove about 40 percent of the time spent on housework. For seniors, keeping things neat can restore a lot of time and quality of life.

What can a professional organizer do for their clients?

Professional organizers can restore order in just about any space, no matter its size or function. Some of these services may include:

Closet organizing

Some professionals charge a flat fee to organize a closet or two, and the job can be completed quickly – usually within a few hours.

Kitchen organizing

The kitchen is a hotspot for clutter, especially for people who have trouble keeping up with housework. Professional organizers can clear off the counters, put away everything and organize the kitchen for maximum efficiency.

Garage organizing

According to NAPO, 25 percent of households with a two-car garage cannot park a single car in their garage due to clutter. This is common among seniors, who have had more years to accumulate items. A professional can make the most out of your storage space so there’s room for your car as well.

Senior moves

Some professionals are specialized in handling senior moves, which includes packing and unpacking, transporting, storage, assembling furniture and setting everything up at the new home.

Total home organization

Professional organizers frequently take on major projects like organizing an entire home. Before doing so, the organizer will survey the home, determine the best plan and dispose of anything that needs to be removed. This service is ideal for seniors who haven’t organized their home in a while, or for a rental property where the tenants have left items behind.

Storage unit elimination

Many seniors have so many belongings that some of them end up in storage units. A professional organizer can go through any storage units, clear them out and save clients the money they would have spent on the unit.

What are the benefits of working with a professional organizer?

By the time people contact a professional organizer, they are often overwhelmed with the task at hand. There are plenty of reasons why seniors rely on a professional to help with that mess. Some of those reasons include:

No judgment

Clutter happens to a lot of people, including well-meaning people who just don’t have the time or energy to manage it. Professional organizers have seen it all and know the challenges involved, so they don’t judge. This shame-free approach is a major relief to most seniors, many of whom are already dealing with the emotions that come with moving or downsizing.


No job is too big for an experienced professional, so no matter how much clutter there is, a professional can get the job done.

A new perspective

After living with clutter for a while, it’s common for people to become desensitized to it, to the point where they may not even notice it. A professional organizer, though, will immediately note what organizational issues are the most pressing, and know how to resolve them.

Valuable knowledge

Professional organizers also know how to dispose of paint and other hazardous chemicals safely and responsibly. They know what community resources are available for proper disposal and can ensure those resources are fully leveraged.


Professionals have numerous strategies for rapid reorganizing and the manpower to get the job done quickly.

What should seniors look for in a professional organizer?

The right professional organizer can free your space and mind of excess clutter, but only if you have the right professional to help. Here is what to look for to ensure you find the right expert:


It takes time for professional organizers to get their processes down, so as they gain experience, they tend to work faster and more efficiently. Picking an experienced professional means you’ll have a more efficient organizer helping out.


This is particularly important for organizers that work with senior clients. Seniors typically have sentimental items that may be difficult to part with, and it’s often the case that keeping these items is the right decision. Professional organizers need an empathetic approach that will help them steer through these difficult conversations.


Insurance protects your belongings and you from any accidents, so it’s essential that the organizer provide proof of insurance before beginning the job. Otherwise, you may have no recourse for damaged items or someone getting hurt on the property.

References and photos

Organizing is something you have to see to believe, so professionals should have a gallery of images or references on hand to show what your home will look like after organization.

Professional organization isn’t just for seniors, but it is especially helpful for them. That’s because professionals have the energy, vision and proper mindset to guide seniors through what is often a challenging time.