Creating Support And Communication For Elders And Their Families

Elder Mediation Services

Provides a safe and respectful environment for older adults and their families to resolve conflicts and make important decisions, empowering them to move forward with confidence and peace of mind.

Why should seniors and their families consider Elder Mediation Services

Seniors and their families should consider Elder Mediation Services because it provides a neutral and respectful forum for resolving conflicts that may arise as a result of aging-related issues. With the guidance of a trained mediator, seniors, and their families can work together to find mutually beneficial solutions that respect the wishes and needs of all parties involved. Elder mediation can help preserve important relationships, reduce stress and improve communication, allowing families to move forward with a greater sense of understanding, empathy, and support.
  • A neutral and respectful forum for resolving conflicts related to aging issues
  • Trained mediators who guide and facilitate productive discussions
  • Customized solutions that consider the unique needs and wishes of all parties involved
  • Improved communication and strengthened relationships between seniors and their families
  • Reduced stress and emotional strain for seniors and their families
  • Potential cost savings compared to more adversarial and time-consuming alternatives, such as litigation or court proceedings.

What should seniors look for in Elder Mediation Services?

Seniors should look for an Elder Mediation Service that provides a safe, confidential, and respectful space for resolving conflicts related to aging, where their voices are heard and their preferences and needs are respected.

Personalized solutions

That reflects the unique needs and preferences of each senior client

Respectful and confidential discussions

Attorneys can empower seniors to communicate their wishes and concerns openly

Preservation of important relationships with family members

Divorce attorneys can be a mitigator with caregivers, loved ones, healthcare professionals, and seniors

How We Help

Elder Mediation Services provide a transformative, holistic approach to resolving conflicts related to aging issues, promoting understanding, empathy, and support, and empowering seniors and their families to maintain their dignity, independence, and quality of life.

What is Elder Mediation?

Elder Mediation is a facilitated discussion process that helps seniors and their families resolve conflicts related to aging issues. It provides a neutral and respectful forum where all parties can work together to find mutually beneficial solutions.


Who can benefit from Elder Mediation?
Elder Mediation can benefit seniors, family members, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who are experiencing conflicts related to aging issues. It can help to improve communication, preserve important relationships, and reduce stress and emotional strain.
How long does Elder Mediation take?
The length of the mediation process can vary depending on the complexity of the issues and the number of parties involved. Typically, a single mediation session lasts between two and four hours. Some cases may require multiple sessions to reach a resolution.
Is the mediation process confidential?
Yes, the mediation process is confidential. All parties sign a confidentiality agreement at the beginning of the mediation, and the mediator is prohibited from sharing any information disclosed during the process.
How much does Elder Mediation cost?
The cost of Elder Mediation can vary depending on the mediator and the complexity of the issues involved. Some mediators offer a sliding fee scale, and some insurance plans may cover the cost of mediation. It's important to discuss fees with the mediator before beginning the mediation process.

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