Good Reasons To Give Blood

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Uncategorized

Good Reasons to Give Blood RegularlyGiving blood regularly helps your health and the health of others.When you donate blood, a healthcare professional checks your blood pressure, pulse, body temperature and hemoglobin levels, and may also measure your cholesterol. Donating regularly gives you the chance to get this information and know more about your health.The blood center will also let you know which of the different blood types you have. It is important to know your blood type in case of an accident or other emergency, or to see if you can donate for another person. Your blood type may also reveal some secrets about you — so it’s good to get familiar with it!In the event that you are unable to speak for yourself and someone else needs to act on your behalf, your family will also benefit from knowing what type of blood you have—especially if they are called upon to donate for you.

Good Reasons to Give Blood

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